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About us

Saddle fitting using digital pad, a scientific device for an ethical concern.

Our experience of training, breaking-in and re-education, we too often faced the question of the comfort of the horse compared to the saddle. Indeed, the saddle can cause severe pain, sometimes acute or chronic, pain that is the main cause of behavior problems.

The pressure sensor pad makes it possible to ensure the neutrality of the saddle or, on the contrary, to detect the sources of pain associated with it.

Saddle Fitters

Saddle Fitting - About us

Marie Hélène Ménard Laroche

Coach & co-founder
Saddle Fitting - About us

Yannick Briand

owner & co-founder

Our Lab

The riding school MANÈGE DU CENTAURE was founded in 2012 to offer its students comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the horse-rider couple.
It is also the ideal place to test saddles, saddle blankets, half pad and develop our prototypes.

Saddle Fitting - About us
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With more than 25 horses and many saddles, we were able to test a multitude of cases and morphologies. Thanks to the digital sensor pad, Marie Hélène has used her knowledge of equine biomechanics to analyze and interpret the many data generated by sensors.

«With Marie Hélène, I was able to minimize the impact of my saddle on my horse, but also improve my position.»

Saddle Fitting - About us
Lili Jade R.

«Thanks to Equi-Metrix, we discovered pressure points that were very annoying to my horse and we could fix it!»

Saddle Fitting - About us
Annie C.

«The electronic sensor pad has become essential to adjust my saddle before the competition season.»

Saddle Fitting - About us
Gabrielle Oligny
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