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Our Packages

An essential service that can save you time and money!

Having your saddle tested with the Equi-Metrix pressure sensor pad could save you money on veterinary, osteopathic and chiropractic treatments, not to mention the months of pensions to pay for a horse at rest.

Plus, we will advise on simple solutions and equipments that will drastically improve your horse well being.
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Our Packages

Our transportation costs are based on round trip distance and are 50 ¢ / km. The first 50 km are free!

  • Morphological analysis.
  • Basic principles of saddle fitting explanation.
  • Général evaluation of your saddle condition.
  • Mesure de la gouttière.
  • Vérification de la matelassure.
  • Pose de la selle sur le cheval à nu.
  • Examen de la longueur de la selle et de l’ouverture de l’arçon.
  • Solutions proposal
  • Includes analysis for 3 saddles max / 1 horse



  • Traditional package included.
  • Dynamic analysis with sensor pad in the 3 gaits.
  • Data analysis and solutions proposal.
  • Study your posture and its impact on the horse’s back.
  • Includs analysis for 1 saddle on 1 horse.
  • Extra saddle: 65$



  • Last adjustments checking.
  • Dynamic analysis with sensor pad in the 3 gaits.
  • Data analysis and correction if needed.
  • Includs analysis for the same saddle and horse
  • Extra saddle: 55$

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What kind of saddle can you evaluat?

We are able to evaluat all kind of saddle (classic, jump, western), adjustable or non-adjustable.

What happens if my saddle turns out to be unsuitable?

If the evaluation on the electronic sensor pad shows that your saddle is not adapted to your horse, we will propose several solutions. If your saddle is adjustable, we can make several adjustments, such as the change of gullet for example. In addition, we bring with us different saddle pads (half pad) and other adjustment solutions.

Can we group several horses and save on transportation?

If you are several horse owners in a stable and you want to test your saddle(s), it is indeed a good solution to save on transportation costs. For organizational reasons, please contact us at least one week in advance.

Are you coming to your customer stable?

Yes, our equipment is portable, so we meet our customers at their stables. Transport costs of 50 ¢ / km, note that the first 50 km are free!

I have my own saddler, what information can you provide?

If you are dealing with a saddler, we can provide him with a video of the pressure points (in the 3 gaits), or images clearly showing the areas to be adjusted.

Is it necessary to have an indoor arena to do the tests?

No, it is not obligatory, but for weather matter, it is better to do the sessions in an indoor arena. Also, we need an electrical outlet nearby.

If you have other questions, please contact us!

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