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Saddle Fitting - Our Services

Saddle Evaluation

La selle a longtemps été choisie pour le confort qu’elle offrait au cavalier ou pour les signes extérieurs de richesse qu’elle représentait. Du simple assemblage de …

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Saddle Fitting - Our Services

Saddle Evaluation & Rider

Il va de soit que le cavalier influence grandement la répartition du poids sur le dos du cheval par la qualité de son attitude en selle…

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Saddle Fitting - Our Services


Suite au résultat de l’évaluation faite avec la tapis capteur de pression,  des solutions d’ajustement seront proposées tels que: Ajustement de la selle par le choix d’arçon ou …

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Saddle Evaluation

The saddle has long been chosen for the comfort it offered to the rider or for a mark of social status it represented. From the simple assembly of cushions to the wooden tree with glittering golden stirrups, we now know that the first quality of a good saddle is to protect the horse and ensure comfort. Although bareback riding is an ideal widely spread by the entertainment industry, the fact is that the saddle remains the essential interface ensuring the comfort of the horse in the first place and that of his rider. This tool must be well adjusted so as not to become a nuisance. The saddle must allow a stable and uniform distribution that protects horse sensitive areas.

Saddle & Rider Evaluation

It goes without saying that the rider greatly influences the distribution of weight on the back of the horse by the quality of his attitude in the saddle. A well-developed neutral and balanced position will allow the rider to use weight and balance transfers to communicate with his horse. Although the ideal is to find a saddle respecting the morphological axes of the rider, it is possible to learn to deal with the saddle that has been adjusted for the horse and thus keep control and alignment of the center of gravity.

Solutions (equipment)

Following the result of the evaluation made with the pressure sensor pad, adjustment solutions will be proposed such as:

Saddle adjustment by choice of gullets or opening if the model allows it.
Saddle pad adjusted to the horse’s morphology.
Adjustment by your saddler master

Our work will consist mainly of:

Release the movement of scapulas
Protect the spine
Optimize the weight distribution of the rider by balancing padding.

Our Packages

Our transportation costs are based on round trip distance and are 50 ¢ / km. The first 50 km are free!

  • Morphological analysis.
  • Basic principles of saddle fitting explanation.
  • Général evaluation of your saddle condition.
  • Mesure de la gouttière.
  • Vérification de la matelassure.
  • Pose de la selle sur le cheval à nu.
  • Examen de la longueur de la selle et de l’ouverture de l’arçon.
  • Solutions proposal
  • Includes analysis for 3 saddles max / 1 horse

  • Traditional package included.
  • Dynamic analysis with sensor pad in the 3 gaits.
  • Data analysis and solutions proposal.
  • Study your posture and its impact on the horse’s back.
  • Includs analysis for 1 saddle on 1 horse.
  • Extra saddle: 65$

  • Last adjustments checking.
  • Dynamic analysis with sensor pad in the 3 gaits.
  • Data analysis and correction if needed.
  • Includs analysis for the same saddle and horse
  • Extra saddle: 55$

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«With Marie Hélène, I was able to minimize the impact of my saddle on my horse, but also improve my position.»

Saddle Fitting - Our Services
Lili Jade R.

«Thanks to Equi-Metrix, we discovered pressure points that were very annoying to my horse and we could fix it!»

Saddle Fitting - Our Services
Annie C.

«The electronic sensor pad has become essential to adjust my saddle before the competition season.»

Saddle Fitting - Our Services
Gabrielle Oligny
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